Our local community is important to us and we want to give back to the town that hosts us. As well as procuring all of our resources from local businesses, we’re supporting a Bognor Regis based charity that is dedicated to aiding people struggling with Mental Health difficulties around West Sussex.

The CAPITAL Project Trust is a West Sussex Charity run by and for people with mental health issues. Since 1997 they have been enabling people to regain self-confidence and a sense of purpose. They do this by:

• Providing a safe haven where people feel accepted and understood
• Helping people to participate by providing transport to meetings if necessary
• Offering mutual peer support both informally in the community and more formally on mental Health inpatient wards
• Providing training and practical opportunities to re-establish skills and develop new ones.
• Offering opportunities for people to share their skills and talents with each other by providing space and support for peer-run groups and opportunities to share their talents in an appreciative safe space
• Enabling hospital inpatients to find their voice
• Valuing lived experience of mental health issues as an asset, employing people because of not in spite of it.
• Celebrating achievement and creativity