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How to enjoy holiday with good books?

Enjoying a good holiday – these are not only unusual experiences by the sea, but also a good reading on the beach or a warm evening. Which books should you definitely not forget to pack in your vacation trunk? I chose interesting tips and book news for you this year.

Let’s start with a novel called Death of Kings. The British novelist Bernard Cornvell’s novel is another story of Uhtreda of Bebbanburg, a magnate in the service of King Alfred of Wessex, later called the Great. But Alfred is dying and the main hero is wondering if he should swear to his son. Available eg in Eruditus e-shop for $ 21. 352 pages of reading at an affordable price.

Lovers of the fantasy genre could be touched by a book by an American author under the pseudonym of Kim Harrison – Rachel Morgan 4 – For a Handful of Amulets. The story of Witch and Head Hunter Rachel Morgan is not unknown to fantasy book readers; Good, evil and undead or Never die. Rachel’s human lover returns unexpectedly in her last literary act. But Rachel’s soul is more at risk than ever – for the first time in a millennium, a pack is determined to ravage and rule.

If Kim Harrison and her stories Rachel Morgan don’t call you too much, then I have another tip for good reading full of fantasy. Miss Peregrin’s orphanage for weird kids is an interesting name for an even more interesting fantasy story. The dark adventure of the American writer and filmmaker Ransom Riggs will appeal to both teenagers and adults. Mysterious Island, an abandoned orphanage, a special collection of very strange photographs … All this promises an unforgettable reading experience. Are you running frost on your back?

If you have a “poet’s intestine” and want to carry your mind and soul to another world, then the collection of poems by Miroslav Salav under the title “In the Hunting of God and Other Poems” could then be the real one. Will you share the author’s dismay at the fact that he, not man in general, is the source of horror, futility and destruction?

I’ll stay with poetry. And why not, when we finally have an exceptional collection of intimate poems imbued with faith, countryside and wisdom? Author Petr Mazanec projected his inner feelings on the paper, the result is an unusual work Who knows how to play in gold strings. Try to play the golden traces of poetry and on holiday.

And we must not forget the thrillers. Although I am not entirely their fan, I would like to have a tip for summer and autumn chilly evenings. But it would not be a detective if her story did not take place in a murder environment and uncovering their culprits. The book, whose author, originally from Scotland Ian Rankin called it simply – The Perfect Murder, will take you along with the hero Malcolm Fox to the town of Kirkcaldy and into the tumultuous year of 1985. And as is known, it was the time when terrorists were determined to fight for independence in Scotland. post bombs and anthrax spores, planned abductions and assassinations.

How about a little science fiction? Look into the soul of the warrior on which the defeat of Nazi Germany depends. Fury – The Peace Maker – This is the title for “B-movie”, but the literary work is engaging.

And think a little about children. On holiday, they also need a little rest. Commissioner Vrťapka – Collected Writings I. with the hero of the dog commissioner Vrťapka could stimulate a bit of imagination and confiscate the child’s mind for a while. Maybe 30 cases by Pavla Eltrych and Petr Morkes will attract you as well…

And finally, an audiobook for those who like to laze on the beach or in the swimming pool, but prefer a good read in audio form. The CD-Four Agreements is a book of wisdom by the old Toltecs and a practical guide to personal freedom. In addition, the entire reading is complemented by a brilliant guitar improvisation by Master Pavel Steidl. To get around 300 crowns.

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