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How to write an essay?

The original form of the essay was based on the French writer Michel de Montaigne, who named his work Essais, which has remained this genre. Anglo-American view of the essay is currently being used, where essays are actually any written work or composition created on a given topic. However, there are several types of essays.

What is an essay?

It is a treatise on the interface between journalism and literature. In addition to school desks, you will find the essay in various literary magazines or book files.

The essence of the essay is personal reflection, expression of subjective opinion, contribution of information and belief of the reader about his truth. There are several types of essays. miniesej, professional essay, classic essay and American essay.

Differences between essay types.

Minies are usually encountered in teaching a foreign language. Its aim is to practice vocabulary and writing. The extent of such an essay is usually between 200-400 words.

A professional essay is a demanding form where work reaches several pages and there is no place for subjective expression, everything has to be supported by verified information about the problem. For example, you encounter this form in diploma theses. Subjective and personal opinion is only marginal.

The classical essay also uses sources of information that also give thought to work. Also important is the expression of a subjective opinion, a conviction about which it seeks to convince its readers. The unit is a treatise full of arguments that the reader has to convince the author of the truth.

The American style of writing essays is very dramatic. First and foremost, he tries to pull the reader into a problem that is over-dramatized and subsequently argue, first from the counterparty, and then rebutted by the author. The essay usually ends with victorious arguments that should make the reader’s opinion correct.

Track: Heading.

The most important is the title. The title is supposed to strike the eyes, it can even exaggerate, but it must relate to the issues dealt with in the essay. His task is to engage the reader and encourage them to read.

First paragraph

In the first paragraph you have to outline the problem. Tell us what the whole work will be about, but do not tell the conclusion in advance. The task of the first paragraph is to attract the reader to persevere in reading and to learn more

Individual paragraphs:

Each paragraph should be within 200-400 words. it is actually a state where you should give the reader arguments and opinions that you support with verified information. In addition to the professional essay, it is good to use emotion, but be careful not to overdo it! Otherwise, you would lose your job for a change.


In the final paragraph, the final thought is awaiting you, the last word the reader says: “Yes, he’s right.”

The conclusion should include a future outlook, a statement of hope or hopelessness. It can end with a strong argument, opinion, but also a question that should lead to reflection.


Even though the theme is quite commonplace at first glance, and it seems that there is nothing to write about it, try to look at it from several points of view.

Watch the theme always with creativity.

You can write about the topic in general or choose a subtopic. If you choose a subtopic you are usually won because you already know what to write and where you want to direct your essay.